Points Related To Photo booth hire

Points Related To Photo booth hire

Photo Booths not only provide great entertainment for everyone, they also provide your party favors! Guests leave your event with a very personal party favor they will cherish, a photo of themselves! This is one favor that will not end up in the trash. Planning a wedding or other special event takes a lot of time and effort. When you are shopping for your photo booth rental here are the most common options you will see offered. Decide which ones are the important for you to have and look for a company that provides them.

1. Props

2. Custom Layout and Design of photos

3. Choice of Booth Layout

4. Physical copy of all Images, either CD or Flash Drive

5. Backdrops Choices

6. Downloading of original images for your guests

7. Scrapbook Album

8. Green Screen

9. Video Messaging

10. Delivery, Set-Up, and Removal

11. Social Network Uploading

12. Emailing of Photos

If you have not had the opportunity to see a photo booth rental in person, here’s what to expect. You will see some arrangement of a photo booth tower and whatever enclosure the company you use offers. Your guests choose whatever fun props they want to use, enter the booth, and begin their photo session. The camera takes a series of 3 or 4 poses usually with a countdown warning displayed. The photo strips print out very quickly, and provide a lasting memento for your guests.photo booth near me

Some companies charge extra for the options listed above, but not all. Do your research, shop around and clarify any ambiguous statements on their website. Be aware that “Unlimited Photos” does not usually mean that every person in the picture gets a printed copy, it usually means that guests can go into the booth an unlimited number of times, but with only 2 strips printing out for each session. Unlimited prints is different and not commonly offered. Know what you are getting so you are not disappointed. You can usually ask for unlimited prints but most places will charge extra.

When shopping for a photo booth rental for your upcoming wedding or other event, you need to know what to look for. You want a company that is not so busy that your event will be just another number, try to find someone that doesn’t book more than one event a day in case your event runs overtime. Also, ask what type of camera they are using to take the photographs. You want a company that uses a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera, not a webcam or point-and-shoot. A DSLR offers the best quality photographs in all situations. Find out if they can accommodate special requests, like curtain colors, or photo strip branding. Ask what printer they use, very important. The only printers that will give you photos that will not smudge or smear it they accidentally get a drop of liquid is a dye-sub printer. That’s what you want. They print fast, lab quality images that last. Ask if they charge for your guests to download their photos from the companies internet hosting site. Most do. It’s a rude awakening for your guests to go online to download their photos only to find out there’s a charge of $8.00 or more for each photo. Ask also if the company is insured for liabiity in case one of your guests is injured in their booth. You don’t want your guest coming after you, you want them go after the photo booth company. And lastly, talk to them either on the phone and in person and see if they pay attention to what you say and seem to really care. Instincts are usually right, pay attention to your gut!