Search Engine Optimization- An Intro

Search Engine Optimization- An Intro

Setting up your website so that it ranks well in the search engines is popularly referred to as search engine optimization. It’s a different form of marketing than traditional marketing but there is one similarity regarding the competition. There is positioning or competition for space that is valuable and can drive business. What is the value in that particular online real estate? This really depends on a number of factors, including your business category, your keywords, and how competitive the space really is.Visit homepage¬†organic search engine optimization.

The Standard Marketing Model Compared to Search Marketing or SEM

If anyone thinks traditional marketing is more effective than search engine marketing, they have very little grasp on the nature of search, the empirical data one can use to measure success, and the dramatic difference between the potential customer in traditional marketing compared with search marketing.

The way company’s used to market, and the way some still do today, focuses on interrupting the potential customer. You sit down and watch a television show and a commercial comes on. Your focus is on the program you selected and now, if you have not skipped through the commercial on your pvr, you have to sit through something you did not want or ask to view. In all interruption marketing, the advertiser is hoping, rather, they are counting on you remembering them after their ad disappears and you return back to your point of focus and interest. And when the opportunity arises to make a purchase in their product category, those advertisers are hoping that their interruption ad resonates and causes you to select their product out of the many that are available.

When someone logs onto their computer and goes to google and enters a search term on your product or service, they are a very different potential customer when you compare them to the person who was watching tv. They are either in the research stage, or they are in the final stages of making their purchase decision and may even have their credit in hand at their computer or smartphone. Regardless, they are a much better prospect for you and your business. The ability to track your prospect on your site is unprecedented in traditional marketing terms. You can find out where they came from, how far they scrolled down on your pages, what links clicked on etc..

Better Keywords Bring Better Visitors

Keyword research is always the linchpin in any campaign to build traffic. You could end up doing tons of work and not really achieving anything meaningful if you have chosen poorly. You may be showing up number one for “banana lollipop making ideas” but if this search term is, for all practical purposes, never actually searched, then you are in for some disappointment. Understanding where you want to focus your efforts is a big part of the keyword research process. It also takes a keen eye to step back and have a birds-eye perspective of your overall strategy and how to implement and execute that strategy.

Where should you emphasize your focus on your keywords? Highly competitive words may not be the best place to start. They take longer. You’ll have less data to review. And it is easy to get discouraged if you are new to search engine marketing.